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We are pleased to unveil our organisations new logo! Professionally sketched and designed, the new logo will be bringing a fresh image to our name, and products.




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  • Fri 13th Sep 2019 - 11:17am

    In the past few years, Discord has become the best software for setting up communication channels between game players.

    Discord has launched a new feature which is to link the Discord and also the Xbox One accounts. Through this procedure, your friends can view which game you are recently playing on the console. To know the steps to use Discord on Xbox One, then follow the instructions mentioned below.


    Source:- How to Use Discord on Xbox One


    Steps to link the Discord and Xbox One accounts


    On your computer

    • Click on the Discord software.
    • It is provided on the PC.
    • Choose the cog shaped option.
    • It is located to the end left-hand side of the Discord menu.
    • It will open the User Settings display.
    • Press on the Connections option.
    • It is given at the upper side of the window.
    • You may locate it on the left-hand corner of the display.
    • Press on the Xbox icon.
    • It is given on the upper side of the menu.
    • It will launch the default browsing application.
    • You will get the confirmation menu.
    • This menu allows the Discord to use the Xbox account.
    • Press on the Yes button.
    • Now, the webpage gets open, and it starts indicating the “Connected your Xbox Live account to Discord.”
    • In case you return to the Connections menu which is given in the Discord application, you will get an olive color checkbox on display.
    • This checkbox also has the Xbox icon and also the username of the Xbox Live.


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  • Wed 4th Sep 2019 - 8:16am

    Have you ever thought about playing games on your Xbox console just like a PC, that is with Mouse and Keyboard. If you have played games on your computer, then might be more comfortable with these with your mouse and keyboard buttons than a controller. Playing games with an Xbox console could be handy, but not as flexible as this combination. Although, Xbox One allows to connect a USB keyboard to it, but not for gaming. You can only connect and use a USB keyboard for text input. Also, the console has limited support for the USB keyboards. Other than advantageous controlling, there could be several more reasons for playing with the keyboard and mouse combination. If you have these devices extra and tired of playing with the Xbox controller, then using them isn’t a bad plan.

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